Why Choose us

What should you expect from Physiotherapy and your Physiotherapist?

At IYM Physiotherapy Clinics we demonstrate GOOD standards of treatment. That's why our patients get results and get better quicker. Read our Facebook and Google reviews on our Reviews & Feedback page.

Examples of POOR Physiotherapy treatment:

  • Short sessions of about 20mins ✘
  • Treating the pain and not the problem ✘
  • You are treated at the same time as others & you are left alone ✘
  • No diagnosis after your 1st appointment ✘
  • No education about how your problem will be fixed ✘
  • No plan, goals, measurements or targets ✘
  • Heat pack + TENS + ultrasound & only 5mins of hands on treatment ✘
  • No exercise program, activity modification or follow up on goals ✘
  • More than 5 sessions to get a significant improvement to your problem ✘
  • Temporary relief & your pain keeps returning ✘
  • Advice to take pain medication when you start physio ✘
  • No communication with your Personal Trainer, GP or Specialist ✘

Examples of GOOD Physiotherapy treatment:

  • Long 1st session of about 45mins and 30-45mins follow up sessions ✔
  • Treating the problem and not the pain ✔
  • Your physio treats only you during your consultation time ✔
  • Know what your problem(s) are after the assessment in first session ✔
  • There is a progressive plan, goals & time frames for recovery ✔
  • Evidence Based Practice: Hands on treatment + Exercise prescription ✔
  • Home program, explanation of the Do's and Dont's, goal checks ✔
  • Significant improvement (50%) in symptoms within 5 sessions ✔
  • Finding the root cause(s) of your problem to prevent re-occurrence ✔
  • No pain medication with therapy so you know whats giving you results ✔
  • Communication with your GP, Personal Trainer, Specialist ✔