Elizabeth Halima Ajaj

Reshan just fell out of the sky when I needed him most!!! He was just THERE! Very professional and friendly physiotherapist, took the time to explain things in great detail, and I felt much better after just one treatment. He has given me very simple exercises to do regularly to minimise any further problems with my neck and back. Highly recommended!

Matt Wong

I worked in medicine for 9 years with physiotherapists, G.P.s, specialists, nutritionists, personal trainers and pathologists. I can vouch for Reshan's expert knowledge; he is one of the most skilled practitioners I've ever met. He applies his training and experience to an accurate diagnosis and then functional rehabilitation. There was no wasted sessions when I saw him over 7 weeks; I saw massive improvement after only 2 visits, with every subsequent visit focused on improving my movement range and strength. Progress was steady and I never felt like I was wasting my time or money. To top it all off, he was ready to 'kick me out' of there when I was able to treat and improve myself at home. Contrast that to other physios who like to bring you back again and again and again just for 'maintenance', all while draining your wallet. Do yourself a favour and do it right - see Reshan from IYM Physiotherapy first. You'll heal faster, better, and save money. My case: Cycling accident with multiple broken ribs, sternum, nerve damage and shoulder (AC) damage. Goal: regain functional movement and eventually heavy resistance training. Mission accomplished in 13 visits (7 weeks). Tip: avoid his Rockdale carpark in the mornings when all the gym bunnies fill it up. 10:30am onward is better.

Sarah Anderson

I have had a huge amount of massages over the years and Claudia has released areas in my body that I had never known possible. I tran hard and have been 3 times in 2 weeks. Its the agony and the ecstasy each time and the rewards are bountiful. My 3 children and husband were also sent there and 2 friends have also been in the 3 weeks since I met Claudia. She's a miracle worker!!!

Luke George

Thank you Reshan for spending that amount of time and detail to explain how my foot striking is affecting my knee, very much appreciated I'll keep you updated with the Triathlon!

Tom Callaghan

Reshan is a very knowledgable man. In just 2 visits he has taught me a lot about how my body functions and has been a major part of my knee rehabilitation. The best thing about Reshan is that unlike most physios he doesn't try to see you as often or as long as possible but instead tries to solve your problem as soon as possible. Legend! Claudia is an excellent addition to the team as well.

Reveka Kotsiaris

Based in a gym with a pool, IYM Physiotherapy has access to the space and amenities to provide the full range of physio treatment. Reshan individualises treatment and maintenance programs that take into account your interests and safely build on your physical capacity. Accessible and personalised physio with on site parking, highly recommended.

Mahfuz Rahman

I had a back injury in 2012 and a shoulder injury in 2013, ever since physio, chiro, acupuncture, osteopath have been part of my daily life style, I have been to more than a dozen Physiotherapists. Recently I re-injured my shoulder while training at the Rockdale Fitness First and thanks to Reshan for taking his time to consult me during his busy schedule. Despite the fact that my pain was relieved after a very short unscheduled treatment, Reshan's extensive knowledge, highly professional and friendly service were truly outstanding. Most importantly I could see that he wasn't trying to get a session out of me like a lot others. Highly recommended.

Luke Carrabs

I have had a fantastic experience with the team at IYM Physiotherapy for both significant knee and minor shoulder injuries in the past 4 months. The results have been fantastic, being able to return to full exercise with very reasonable amounts of time. Reshan (Head Physiotherapist) has excellent technical knowledge and is highly aware of the rehabilitation needed to get you back to your pre injury levels. Not only this, he is extremely personable and more than willing to make the extra effort to help his patients. I have been to many physios' in my lifetime but have never enjoyed the experience nor achieved the results that i have had at IYM. Highly recommend!!!

Jas Kaur

I have been to see a few physios in the past 6 months and Reshan was the first to identify what the underlying issue is, which was confirmed by scans. The diagnosis was explained to me in detail and a treatment plan was put together. Reshan is also keen to hear feedback on the treatments to ensure the plan is working and if not it can be amended accordingly. I would definitely recommend IYM Physiotherapy.